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It’s been suggested by some that we re-release some of the older MW episodes
that, for one reason or another, are very hard to find these days…
and I thought that was a great idea… especially since our schedules
aren’t permitting the time to get as many new episodes recorded!
So… we’re going to start off the MW flashback editions with one of the first
and still one of my favorite new musicals… CONVENIENCE.
This episode originally “aired” on April 2nd, 2006,
shortly after we broke ground on the MW tower. 🙂
Gregg’s music & musicals remains among my favorites in the
new musical theatre genre… Smart, funny and well thought through.

On this episode we hear several songs from Convenience:

Waking Vince/I Love How We Start Off Our Day sung by Jim Poulos, Melissa Rain Anderson and Mary Jo McConnell
Convenient –  sung by Jim Poulos and Mary Jo McConnell
Unsung by Melissa Rain Anderson and Mary Jo McConnell & Jim Poulos
Crawling Forwardsung by Melissa Rain Anderson
Letting Gosung by Jim Poulos and Ron DeStefano
The Ogre and the Wifesung by Mary Jo McConnell and Ron DeStefano
Moving Day/Reprise: Little Spacemansung by Jim Poulos, Mary Jo McConnell,
Melissa Rain Anderson, Ron DeStefano & Michael Dantuono

We take the show out on a song by Dave Hudson and Paul Libman’s musical.
DUST AND DREAMS, called Band Shell.

Gregg has been featured previously on MusicalWorld on
episodes MW8 where we featured FIVE COURSE LOVE,
MW77 when we featured RIGHT NEXT TO ME and
MW81 when he was in Dayton, Ohio for a production of RIGHT NEXT TO ME
with his director, Melissa Rain Anderson!

I’m sure we’ll be hearing from Gregg again in the future!

Check out Greggs website:

and if YOU have a musical that you would like to see & hear featured on MusicalWorld,
contact Jim at: with your contact information and we will
be happy to get in touch and talk about your musical!

If you have any comments about this episode or any past episodes,
please call our MW HOTLINE at: 347-694-5469
and we’ll play your comments on an upcoming episode!

And the next time you’re in Dayton, stop by
Taking back the neighborhood coffee house!

MusicalWorld is a proud member of the BLUBRRY network!
(that’s BLUBRRY…. no “E”‘s)

(reposted November 21st, 2013)





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