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I just wanted to let everyone know that we have not totally disappeared.
We’re still here… and we’re still interested in your new musicals… BUT…
all 3 of us, Dave, Shane and I have all had a lot of changes in our lives that
Is keeping us busy elsewhere and we just don’t have the time together that
we once had.

I’m saying all this because, over the last several months, I’ve gotten emails
wondering where we went… Well, I still plan to try to release new shows and
interviews as we get them, but we don’t have the time to pursue them as we
once did… so… we’re going to need your help… if you, or someone you know,
writes new musical theater works and wants them to be promoted on MW,
we’d love to be there for you. All you need to do is contact me, Jim Farley,
at and give me your contact information and I’ll be
happy to get back with you and set up a day and time when we can talk!

Just go to the website at and you can find the link there.

I know there’s many of you out there and we want to talk with you and get
your shows heard, so… give us a shout! You can always leave us a message
on our facebook page, and on twitter

Also… if you’re an alumni of MusicalWorld or Encore Theater Company, we’re
interested to know if anything is happening on your show… whether we did a
feature on MW or if we did a reading, workshop or production at Encore, send
us some updates!

That’s all for now… but stay subscribed and check back for new episodes and updates!

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