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On this episode of MusicalWorld, I talked to Daniel Kaplan about his newest work:
“BURIED”‘s story is about Ruth, a math teacher who is able to motivate her
students to their best but suffers from a deficiency of her own, a massive hoarding problem.
When she gets an ultimatum to clean her home or face it being condemned
she calls upon the help of her estranged son and his reluctant fiance.
The cleaning puts everything under pressure as they attempt to save not only their home
but their relationships as well.
The score is a mix of traditional theater and rock opera.

Check out Daniel’s blog: UBERIZED ENTERTAINMENT

Music on this episode (recorded live during a recent reading) includes:
ECHOES – Marcia D’Amelio and cast
QUIET – sung by Nick Perez & Christine Perez
RETURNED – Jason Blank, Marcia D’Amelio, Christine Perez & Nick Perez
SHATTERED GLASS – Jason Blank, Marcia D’Amelio, Christine Perez & Nick Perez
ONE LAST CHANCE – Nick Perez, Christine Perez

Daniel also was featured on MW92… back in April of 2012…
with his musical COMPATIBILITY: an 8 BIT Musical

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